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9 thoughts on “115/2014

    • Dearest Purrime Ministerettes,
      we are not snakies but greenie potatoes with a unique hair style. Please, do not depurrt us to the North Pole!
      Your Greenie Potatoes

      • Dearest Greenie Potatoes,

        Whenever we has a great white sharkie meal at McD’s, we always has yellow potatoes.

        So no be afraid. We no shall nom you.

        You can, however, send us letter of applicatshiun and apply for Secretary against Snakies position. We shall ovulate your applicatshiun and get back to you yes or no.

      • Dearest Purrime Ministerettes,
        this is the Greatest Giant Choccolade, I mean Accolade to be appointed as Secretary of Snakies Depurrtation. I promise to perpettually and strenuously contributtoning to the peace and security of Planet Purrth by in- and out ferreting the locality of the snakieholes!

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