3 thoughts on “63/2014

  1. Dearest polyp,

    I Jaya. I remembering you. Years ago, you was growing in my ear. The doctor in the Purrime Ministerette hospital removed it. After surgery, I spent 2 weeks wearing a loudspeaker. Them was the most bootiful weeks of my 9 lives. Da pixies is on bloggie I has.

    I happy you now growing outside and no longer in my ear. Since you gone, it took long before I could meow. And making more sounds and even talking is what I does since less than year. I 6 years old!


    • Dearest Purrime Ministerette Jaya,
      I’m terribly sorry about having been mislocated in your ears! I swear by all I hold dear that I will never disturb the integrity of your Honorable Organs of Herring, pardon, Hearing! Happy Meowings!
      Your Polyp

      • Dearest polyp,

        Thank you for answer!

        Polyp specialist in hospital said that you no shall has return. I glad you keeping purromisses.

        Since you gone, I hearing better and I expurrimenting wiz sounds. I has new sound almost every week.

        JAYA XXXX

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