4 thoughts on “23/2014

    • Dearest Purrime Ministerettes,
      what a honour that you also serve us, camouflaged fish-eating bats! Yes, you have recognized us correctly, we are Myotis vivesi. As soon as we find a fishie, we promise to share it with you!

      • Dearest Purrime Ministerettes,
        please consult this description of us from Wikipedia:
        “Myotis vivesi feeds chiefly on marine fish or crustaceans, including the squat lobster Pleuroncodes planipes. Only one other bat species, Noctilio leporinus, hunts in marine waters. The guano produced by M. vivesi is red if it has eaten crustaceans, and black if it has eaten fish; green guano and brown guano result from feeding on algae and insects, respectively. As well as fish and crustaceans, M. vivesi also feeds occasionally on aerial insects.[6] M. vivesi can cover large distances when hunting; in 1970, scientists saw “a group of about 400 M. vivesi around a boat at least 7 km [4.3 miles] from the shore”. M. vivesi inhabits an arid environment and has evolved the ability to concentrate its urine; this allows it to survive by drinking seawater.”

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