The fauna of the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is housed not only by exotic or not so exotic but beautiful plants but by animals, too. There live several birds, but I could not take a photo of any of them – they twitter somewhere high behind the twigs of the trees. These two were photographed near the Botanical Garden:

I was being on bird-watching when I heard some noise and saw something move among the low branches of a nearby litte tree:

A bit later, on the other side of the Main Street, the scene repeated itself. But at this time, the red squirrel ran throgh the field in front of us:

The presence of snails is not especially surprising:

But at a farther part of the Botanical Garden, we noticed a special guest:

Yes, a hare, who else could one meet in a Botanical Garden? And s/he posed for me as a top-model:


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